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The Craft
The Craft is Reaper's stop for helping you be at the top of your craft for Miniatures. Whether your thing is painting, sculpting, conversion, or presentation, we have the content you need.

Featured Article
Posted on 02-01-12
Digital Mockups by Janelle Schulzetenberg

Ever have a difficult time deciding what colors to paint your mini? Afraid the colors you're thinking of using won't look right together? Can't quite make up your mind as to what shade of red would look best on your dwarf's beard? Here's a quick and simple way to experiment with colors without the risk of needing to repaint your mini.
Sculpting Tankards
by Andrew Pieper
Sculpting 09-21-11
How to Assemble 03465: Shaerileth, Spider Demon
by Patrick Keith
Presentation 02-09-10
03353: Pirate King and Queen, you're sure to be impressed with the detail and quality of that water. Jen has kindly taken the time to document her process for the benefit of the hobby community at large. Here it is.">How I Made the Water for 03353: Pirate King and Queen
by Jennifer kaufman
Presentation 12-30-09
Making Sand-Cast Foam Terrain
by Andrew Pieper
Presentation 11-09-09
Sci-Fi Terrain, Part 2: Small Plastic Garage
by David Ewen
Presentation 07-12-09
Sci-Fi Terrain, Part 1
by David Ewen
Presentation 06-10-09
Elise and the Phase Cat: Mounting an Unmounted Figure
by Lanse Tryon
Conversion 05-30-09
Making Tracks
by Andrew Pieper
Presentation 12-03-08
Assembling Cinder
by Andrew Pieper
Presentation 01-05-08
From Fantasy to Sci-Fi, Part 2
by Lanse Tryon
Conversion 11-09-07
by Lanse Tryon
Conversion 10-12-07
From Fantasy to Sci-Fi
by Lanse Tryon
Conversion 10-05-07
Realistic Drool
by Sean Fulton
Presentation 09-21-07
Of Dire Rats and Slithy Toves
by Lanse Tryon
Conversion 09-14-07
A Beginning Mini Painter's Shopping List, Part 2
by Ron Vutpakdi
Painting 06-16-07
Making the Dragon-Fly
by Lanse Tryon
Conversion 05-05-07
The 20-Minute Monolith
by Lanse Tryon
Presentation 05-04-07
Making Space Stations from CAV Bases
by Lanse Tryon
Conversion 05-03-07
Big ol' Pile of Treasure
by Marie Bayer
Presentation 03-09-07
A Beginning Mini Painter's Shopping List
by Ron Vutpakdi
Painting 02-16-07
So, You Want to Remove Your Bases?
by Todd Hanson
Conversion 01-08-07
Making Money
by Andrew Pieper
Sculpting 12-15-06
Camo on a CAV
by Barry Bordner
Painting 11-10-06
Acorn Pumpkins
by Michael Pageau
Conversion 11-03-06
Create Your Own Sculpting Tools
by Daniel Joyce
Sculpting 10-20-06
How to Add "Glass" to Miniature Windows
by Daniel Joyce
Presentation 09-15-06
Replacing Those Huge Bendy Swords
by Lanse Tryon
Conversion 08-26-06
Birch Seed Leaves
by Daniel Joyce
Presentation 08-18-06
The Ritual of Mashaf, Performed With File and Rotary Tool
by Lanse Tryon
Conversion 08-04-06
Making Warlord Body Markers
by Ron Vutpakdi
Presentation 06-08-06
Differentiating Non-Unique Sergeants by Way of Conversion
by Lanse Tryon
Conversion 04-28-06
DHL 3000 Kyra & Lavarath WIP
by Eric Polovich
Painting 02-15-06
How to make a Field Stone Wall
by Michael Pageau
Presentation 12-27-04
Making the Cicada
by Lanse Tryon
Conversion 06-16-04
When the Quartermaster Just Doesn't Understand You
by Lanse Tryon
Conversion 06-01-04
Of Bikers and Butane
by Lanse Tryon
Sculpting 03-10-04
Let It Flow
by Darin Hlavaz
Painting 03-03-04
Pins and Section Markers
by Lanse Tryon
Presentation 02-24-04
The Winged Serpent Lady
by Lanse Tryon
Conversion 02-04-04
Bette Davis Eyes
by Darin Hlavaz
Painting 01-13-04
How to Make Your Own Trees
by Steve Page
Presentation 01-12-04
The Feathered Serpent
by Lanse Tryon
Conversion 01-07-04
Dynamic CAV Posing
by Mike Hardy
Conversion 12-23-03
While the Wizard's Away...
by Lanse Tryon
Presentation 12-15-03
2003 Holiday Sophie
by Anne Foerster
Painting 11-28-03
Brand the Barbarian
by Derek Schubert
Painting 01-16-03
Brigette of the Blade
by Derek Schubert
Painting 01-16-03
Dire Wolf
by Derek Schubert
Painting 01-16-03
Elladan Swiftbrook
by Derek Schubert
Painting 01-16-03
Giant Spider
by Derek Schubert
Painting 01-16-03
Onastaa the Sorceress
by Derek Schubert
Painting 01-16-03