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Reference Sheet for MarketPlace Listings


The following information is to help guide resellers on what should be shown to customers on other selling platforms. (i.e., Amazon, Walmart, eBay, etc.) Please make your best judgments and keeping a Customer First mentality when creating any listing or post about our products. Below is not the ‘Letter of the Law’ but we strongly encourage the information to be adhered to when possible.

Name Scheme: Reaper SKU: Name (As seen on Package) Line(Brand) Type


Reaper 77004: Cave Troll Dark Heaven Bones Plastic Miniature 

09037: Pure Black Master Series Core Colors Acrylic Paint

59033: Lacy O'Malley, Muckraker Savage Worlds Metal Miniature


No listing should ever exceed an unreasonable mark up from the MSRP. Reaper Miniatures understands the fees and variable costs of the various marketplaces as well as shipping price tactics. Remember the purpose and ensure your price is not attempting to take advantage of ours, yours and Reaper’s, Customers.


Reaper 77006: Great Worm Dark Heaven Bones Plastic Miniature – 3.99 MSRP

OK – 2.85 + 3.49 shipping

OK – 6.34 & Free Shipping

OK – 10.49 & Free Shipping

NOT OK – 9.50 + 9.99 shipping

NOT OK – 19.49 & Free Shipping

Extremely NOT OK – 45.95 + 9.99 Shipping


Mix and Match as desired to meet your needs, keeping in mind their purpose.








There is a lot of Artistic interpretation for painted examples, as such these guides are for non-painted. Miniatures should have a scale reference in the image. We are using a ¼ by ¼ by ¼ mini B or M for simplicity.

Front and Back of Packaging should be made available in either one or two images.

We encourage images that are large but not so big that the miniatures look pixelated. For Amazon, we are making 2160x2160 at 300 DPI for uploads. Use your best judgment or reach out to us at help@reapermini.com for more guidance.

As we update our images, you are more than welcome to use what is provided on Reapermini.com. Some editing may be required to ensure the quality of any compressed image like what you will find on our website.


3-5 Sentences of Fluff as desired.

Bullet Points used Copy and Paste here.

Highly detailed miniature sculpts created physically, or digital 3D, by hand and is used to create molds for miniature production. Metals and Paints are Made in the USA. Plastics are made in the USA or China. Reaper Miniatures items are Packaged and Shipped from North Texas to the rest of the World! Reaper Miniatures proudly supports hiring Veterans and Veteran Spouses.

Some miniatures require assembly and miniatures DO NOT arrive painted.

Some products may have substitutions of miniatures based on inventory from the manufacturer.


This topic will be left entirely in your hands as the reseller. We suggest keeping in mind, our audience is unisex and not age restricted, except for all children under the age of 14 years without adult supervision.

Social Media:

These are our official links and a few hashtags should you feel the desire to utilize the information.

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/ReaperMini/

Youtube – https://www.youtube.com/user/ReaperMi

Twitch – https://www.twitch.tv/reaperminiatures

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/reaperminiatures/

Twitter – https://twitter.com/reapermini