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Retail Support : Product Overview

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Reaper Miniatures has a large and varied product selection that can be intimidating if you are not familiar with the company. This product overview will familiarize you with Reaper's established and best-selling lines of products.

Each of the product lines Reaper Miniatures manufactures are listed in a uniform format that gives a brief description of the product lines, statistics, future plans, value package support, sales notes, and links to see all of the products in that particular line. A list of the specific models included in a given package deal for the line, along with a picture, will be found in the Rack Deal Information page.

Reaper Miniatures has the potential to be the easiest, most consistent reoccurring sales in your store. The movement of Reaper Miniature's inventory from the amorphous miniatures area to an actual Reaper Miniatures rack will cause an increase of Reaper Miniatures sales by as much as 500%. Reaper product can easily become a steady 15 to 20 percent of your weekly income if maintained properly. Of course, the more space you can dedicate to Reaper the better the product lines will perform, but we recommend a minimum of five feet of linear wall space. This equates to four of our prefabricated wire wall racks. With this much space you can fit 450 models, stacked 3 to 4 different models to a peg.

  •  Overview
  •  Dark Heaven Legends
  •  Chronoscope
  •  Warlord
  •  Master Series Miniatures
  •  Pathfinder
  •  Legendary Encounters
  •  Master Series Paints
  •  Learn to Paint Kits