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Reaper Miniatures now has grown to be the largest privately held miniature manufacturer in the world since its founding in 1992 and has always been committed to helping retail stores thrive and prosper while promoting the miniatures hobby. This page is a collection of the tools and information your store needs in order to become successful retailers of our highly popular and profitable products.

Become a Registered Retailer/Distributor

    Becoming a registered retailer or distributor enables you to take advantage of several tools on our website and provides a discount in our online ordering system. This page will allow you to add and manage your business' details as well as provide you information on the process of validation Reaper uses for its business program. Log in or register to use this feature. If you previously had a b2b login you should be able to use that login to access the Reaper main site.

Pre-Order Upcoming Releases

Visit here for our upcoming products. We'll ship these out the week before their hard release date.

Bulk Ordering makes ordering exciting new releases or restocking your customers' favorite miniatures quick and easy! Just enter in how much of each SKU you want or upload a pre-existing file to quickly populate your cart.

Our Quick Stock feature lets you quickly order the top 50, 75, or 100 Bones products, and updates those popular items based on current trends! Ordering our most popular items has never been easier!

Reaper provides a wide and potentially intimidating range of adventure gaming products. If you are new to Reaper Miniatures and are unsure of the differences between the various products lines then this page is for you.

Rack Deals are fantastic way to start selling Reaper's products and a quick and easy way to restock your inventory as well! Find out what goes inside our deals and how you can best use them in your business.

We have several odds and ends put together here for your use and convenience; graphics, logos, barcodes, etc. Batches and zip files contained inside are usually updated on a bi-weekly basis as needed.

Refer to these guidelines for listing our product on your commerce website, Amazon Marketplace, or other sales outlet.