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Combat in the 23rd Century

Fun, Fast, and Furious Futuristic Battles

The UCOR war is over, but the seeds of discord it planted bore bitter fruit, the Second Galaxy War. See the politics of this new era and the factions struggling for dominance.

Released a few years ago, CAV redefined the world of Mech combat. Now, we're releasing it here on the web, free of charge to any and all.

Based on the R.A.G.E. System, CAV play is fluid and fun: Perfect for tournament play or a quick Friday pickup game. The R.A.G.E. System is also flexible enough for you to pick up where we left off and design your own rules and scenarios. But don't take our word for it!

Check out the rules and data cards for yourself:

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The Reaper Adventure Game Engine

Warlord was the first game to use the Reaper Adventure Game Engine (R.A.G.E. for short). As a master system, R.A.G.E. allows you to learn a few basic rules and then take this knowledge with you from game setting to game setting. One system for many games means that you spend less time learning and relearning rules and more time playing and painting.

Key Features of R.A.G.E.

  • Easy mechanics. Roll one ten-sided dice. Add or subtract modifiers. Meet or exceed a target number. All target numbers and modifiers fit on a one page quick glance sheet or are printed on the figure's data card.

  • Fluid play. A turn is divided into 2 actions per model. The order and what actions are conducted are fully in your control. Each setting will have one or two new actions specific to its genre, but the rest of the actions remain the same from game to game.

  • Strategy and Tactics. You are in control of not only the rolling of dice and moving of figures, but also general force creation and preparing for the surprises of combat against other players.

  • Data Cards. All information relevant to a model's game related mechanics easily fit on a standard poker card sized data card. As models are damaged, their fighting ability will degrade until they are removed from play.

  • Factions. All R.A.G.E. games will feature various colorful factions that you can choose to build your army from. Each faction has special additional rules, called doctrines, that are only available to that faction. This gives each faction a distinct feel, and makes each battle very different depending upon who is fighting.

cowboys_tiny.gif warlord_tiny.gif warlord_rising_tiny.gif cav_tiny.gif rglogo_tiny.gif