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Cowboys & Gunslingers takes you to the old wild west when everyone was carrying at least one six shooter and knew how to use it. We built a special set of rules that is meant to play out like an old spaghetti western, where you will never run out of ammo or flimsy wooden planks to hide behind! Using the Warlord core rules as a basis for gameplay you can custom tailor your next high-noon shootout to be the most entertaining yet!
CAV is the fast-paced game of mecha combat from Reaper Miniatures. Set in the 23rd century, the Galaxy is recovering from a long and brutal war and the factions and governments that make up the universe of CAV strive to find a common ground to live by and co-exist. But the lure of wealth and power, along with age-old rivalries and animosities, keep any hope of a lasting peace fragile at best.
Cast in the brutal battles for supremacy in war-torn Taltos, Warlord is Reaper's first game based on the ground-breaking R.A.G.E mechanic. Featuring Elves, Crusaders, Dwarves, Undead and more, players build their armies and field them in a never-ending struggle for survival.
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