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Figure Finder
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The Reaper Figure Finder is a tool you can use to quickly peruse through Reaper's many product lines and find the perfect miniature for your character, or at least a great base model for conversion! The Guided Search options will lead you step-by-step to quickly give you miniatures to consider; results are displayed underneath the search box to the upper right. The Guided Search is designed to always return miniatures as a result of the options you click. If a new selection would have returned no miniatures it will broaden the categories as needed to provide a selection. If there is an option you would like to search for that is not listed in one of the categories, simply type it into the search box along with any existing words to narrow down your searches even further.

Note that the Guided Search, while guaranteeing results, is not required to use the Figure Finder system. If you look closely you will see that clicking on an option in the Guided Search or the See All Tags page feeds the term or terms to the Figure Finder system, which then returns results. Simply typing in the search terms you desire is another way of quickly homing in on the properties you desire.

The Class options box on the bottom is there for when you want to look through a listing of miniatures of a particular "type". Classes have been arranged to be as broad as possible, as there is usually a large overlap in gear and armor in most game systems, i.e. one person's barbarian is another's fighter and yet another's rogue. Selecting your character's available gear and weapon options for the game system you are running typically produces more exact results than just a class search alone.
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